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Las Vegas (part III of ??) - Photos of Fremont St Performers

For the past two and a half years, I've been working on a street portrait project in Tijuana's redlight district. I don't shoot much of anything unless I'm there. I decided to stretch my wings and go meet some folks on Fremont - those people who stand in the circles and perform and whatnot.

But first - some obligatory canopy shots:

This was the first guy I shot. He travels all over the United States with his ministry. His sister lives in Las Vegas and he had come down to visit her and her family for Christmas. He said he was heading to San Francisco for New Year's. Forgive me as I've forgotten his name.

I strolled down a bit more and met Casey. He gives out free hugs. Did you know that there is an International Free Hug Group? There is! Regardless, Casey himself has a full-time job and he travels for his job so he does this for fun. He told me gives out on average 500 hugs a day. I asked him how many men vs women, figuring probably 95% women.... nope. 60/40, in…

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