Gearing up for Tijuana

I get asked from time to time what I use to shoot my photos.  About a year ago, I went with a lighter mirrorless camera, the Fuji XT20. I like it quite a bit.  I got it with the kit lens but really prefer to shoot with an ultra-wide.  Yes, I know ultra wides aren't for portrait photography but I like the way I can get in the whole scene and it works well for doing environmental portraits.

I don't have anything about my Tijuana ventures here on this blog right now but I think I will add in a few shots in an upcoming post.  The subjects of my photographs from Tijuana are not travel photography, per se, but on the other hand, it is where I travel quite a bit!  The Tijuana project was started in the spring of 2015 and it is documenting the redlight district of Tijuana aka Zona Norte.

The Zona Norte is a wild and fascinating place.  It is home to the world famous Hong Kong Gentleman's Club which is unlike any other strip club in the world.  In spite of having been there too many times to count, I still have difficulty explaining the magnitude of that place.  Truly legendary.  The street scene itself is its own thing and I have barely scratched the surface of it, though I have managed to document quite a bit of it.

The majority of my TJ photos are on my full photo site at  I haven't added many to the site in the past couple of months but there are loads on there regardless.