Las Vegas - Christmas Day - January 2! (part I of ???)

The Dog and I both had comped rooms at MSS and Fremont, plus a four-day NYE weekend comp at The Linq, except I screwed up when making the reservations initially and left us without a room for Thursday! I made plans for us to go to Death Valley and stay overnight in Beatty at the Atomic Inn. I was delighted with this idea. My dear husband was not. So the Saturday before we left, I called Fremont to see if they could switch us up to stay an extra night there as my husband whined in the background, "I don't wanna go to Death Valley!" The reservation lady heard him and started laughing and got us fixed up with one more comped night. Whew.

After a fun evening of handing out candy and presents in Tijuana on Christmas Eve, The Dog and I got on the road for Las Vegas on Christmas Day. Traffic was light, as it had been the previous year on Christmas Day. We checked in without problems to MSS and got to gambling. No 4OAKs for me at all. It was brutal. The Dog was down similarly.

I'm lousy at remembering the exact order of things so I'm just going to put in what I remember from each location.

We ate at the 777 Brewpub on a comp - tasty burger! We also ate the breakfast buffet and one of the other buffets at MSS. It was a buffet but definitely better than the one over at Fremont.

We had the highway side of the hotel this time. Y'all are right. It's noisy all the time. No super big deal but if you are sound-sensitive, don't stay on this side!!

Just losses after losses at MSS other than a fat win on Goldfish 3.

I decided to use my fancy new phone camera to shoot some photos of MSS. This place is really absolutely stunning. It's what Silver Legacy in Reno wishes it was.