SNACKS: Chip review

At the Super in Puerto Viejo, I purchased several bags of chips. Lay's and Fritos and Doritos were available, but I chose the local stuff.

Last night, we opened up two different bags to enjoy. One we enjoyed, the other is still sitting full (less four chips).

Here's what we bought:

Pro Yucas (the logo is PRO with a checkmark in the "O")
Hojuelas de yuca - Sabor Crema y Cebolla (Cassava Chips Sour Cream & Onion)
50g or 1.76oz (about the size of an American Big Grab of chips)

These were completely un-delicious. They tasted stale, but the bag said they didn't expire until December 2009. The chips looked light and thin - like Lay's potato chips - but they were sorta chewy and the flavor was barely there. The Dog ate two chips and I ate two chips. The remainder of the bag is still intact.

Pro Platanos
Hojeulas de platano con ajo
(plantain chips with garlic)
85g or 2.9oz
(about the size of an American Big Grab of chips)

These were amazingly tasty! Also, there was a picture of a toucan on the bag. The Dog and I ate these happily and were both crestfallen when the bag was empty. Crispy, yet a bit toothsome. We will buy these again soon. They matched well with The Dog's Imperial Silver and with my 250g (small bottle!) Coca-Cola.

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