RESTAURANT: Gecko Gourmet in La Fortuna

In downtown La Fortuna, we needed a place to log-in and have a bite to eat, too. Gecko Gourmet hit the spot! They offer a nice selection of ciabatta bread sandwiches, tasty salads, beer, coffee, and a salad bar. The Dog ordered a meatloaf sandwich (3500CRC) and I had the grilled vegetable sandwich (3000CRC). Both were served with our choice of deli salad - I got the heart of palm salad. It had a bit much mayonnaise for my taste. The Dog got his with a potato salad - nicely done and a good complement to the meatloaf. Both sandwiches were served with chips and they were those stale cassava chips that we had in Puerto Viejo, but these came in three colors. Still, not delicious.

Gecko Gourmet is 50m off the main road in La Fortuna, up the road from Hotel Fortuna (a five-story great looking hotel with a lovely open air restaurant that was packed with a tour bus of kids - we had planned initially to have lunch here). It is owned by the same folks who own Lava Lounge in La Fortuna, another great place for lunch but with a larger menu and a bar.

We sat outside, but there are also tables inside. We hung out, surfed the web, ate lunch and shot the breeze with a couple of young gringos and the staff. I also ordered a brownie (1500CRC) and the guy behind the counter asked if I wanted it heated. Sure, I replied. And it was delicious - slightly chewy, deep chocolate flavor and drizzled with a chocolate sauce. I had a cappuccino (1500CRC) on the side and it came dusted with nutmeg.

Our total bill came to 16610CRC. Prices on the menu include the 13% country tax, but not the 10% service charge. In addition to everything listed above, we also had two Coke
s, two bottled waters, and two Imperials. Use of the Internet was free because we were ordering food and drinks.

We liked this place very much and it was located next to an EXCELLENT art ga
llery - Indigo Gallery. Indigo Gallery has a large variety of art from local Costa Ricans at a good range of prices - from 12USD to 800USD. Many items are in the 22 to 80USD range and they ship to the US. They will also "break down" the painting and wrap the stretchers and roll the canvas for you to carry yourself. Have a stroll in after your lunch at Gecko Gourmet...