Last night, we went upstairs to Chile Rojo and had Tequila Sunrises. Tasty (they drink down so easy) and both came decorated with a piece of starfruit on the rim; 25000CRC/each. There was a cat there playing acoustic reggae and other requests; he strolled around from here to there in the restaurant. It was around 10pm or so when we were there. They were still serving dinner, but we were stuffed from tasty pasta from @t E's down the road.

Chile Rojo has been in business for 6.5 years, according to the owner Andrew. Andrew is an expatriate of some sort with a British-y accent. I didn't think to ask where he was from exactly, but he ain't no Tico. Nonetheless, he seems quite hip and actively participates in the business - we walked up to Chile Rojo because he himself was handing out fliers on the street below.

The current location is new for Chile Rojo and they've only been there since December (six months or so). I don't know where the old one was, but this is gentrification in all its glory. Neon signs on a big new building also housing a real estate agent, high-end furniture & home decor, and your requisite souvenir shop or two. Chile Rojo has a "satellite" spot downstairs that is in the main hall (this is all open air) and they serve sandwiches and other quick goodies down there. The restaurant has the nicest chairs I've encountered here in Puerto Viejo.

The Dog and I sat on the barstools overlooking the main drag of Puerto Viejo and swigged our drinks. The view is groovy, I must say. However, after we finished our cocktails, we headed out.

We returned there today for lunch after Andrew again "flier'ed" us on the street and drew us up with 2-for-1 sangrias. Oh so tasty! We drank several rounds of these icy fruity delights. They were fruited with pineapple and watermelon.

We started out with an order of chips & guacamole. 2000CRC. The chips were deep-fried flour tortillas, fresh from the fryer and the guac was chunky with bits of tomato. Very
delicious, though I wish there had been more! Of course, I do love me some fresh guacamole, so....

The Dog ordered the Pita Sandwich with beef kofta; it came with a tahini sauce (which was very similar to many tzatziki sauces I've had) and cukes and tomato chopped up on t
he pita. It was a traditional unleavened pita. 2500CRC. It was good, but the beef kofta wasn't anything special.

I chose the special of the day - fresh fish chimichangers (that's how they spelled it on the sign outside). Very crisp, lots of fish and it was two huge chimichangers in the order. A hefty dollop of that tasty guacamole sat between the two and it was all artfully zigged with a sour-cream type sauce. These were right-fine eatin' in Puerto Viejo and near as I could tell, reall
y the only Mexican-type thing** offered on the menu... but these weren't even part of the regular menu. Nonetheless, if you see them offered, get them!

The sushi chef came in about 45 minutes after we arrived and at that point, we were stuffed and satisfied so we passed on ordering sushi. I did look over the sushi menu and it offered a fairly standard selection of sushi rolls ranging in price from 2500CRC to 3800CRC. The only two of note were the Natty Dread Roll and the Puerto Viejo Roll, both of which involved plantains.

The rest of the menu is a mix of Greek, Thai, and other Mediterranean fare, with a "Chile Rojo" burger thrown in for good measure.

Would we eat there again? Sure! It's an eclectic menu, comfy chairs, and attentive staff, plus lots of specials on drinks.

** The Dog and I had figured since the name was Chile Rojo and there were chili peppers on the logo and the paper lamps, there would be lots of Mexican and spicy food.