LUNCH: At Maxi's in Manzanillo

Today we drove as far South as we could along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. At the almost end of the dirt road, a large building loomed in front of us - Maxi's. We could hear the reggae before we even really saw the place.

It wasn't quite open when we arrived around 1130, so we strolled around Manzanillo for a bit and found the old cemetery and hoped to spot a toucan. No luck with the toucans.

When we got back to Maxi's, we were seated near the front with the Caribbean fully visible. It is grey out today, so the view wasn't anything spectacular right now, but the food certainly is!

The Dog ordered the chorizo plate and I had the fish plate. The fish today was marlin - yummy! The fish was topped with a good collection of red peppers & onions & celery and a yummy yellow sauce and served with beans & rice plus some fried plantains on the side, plus some slaw.

The chorizo was definitely the best of the two (though the fish was damn fine!) It was served as four "whole" pieces with a mess of grilled vegetables. It was the best chorizo I've ever had. The Dog noted it was a different style of chorizo that he was accustomed to (more of a "hard" versus a loose chorizo), but it was certainly was most delicious.

We also ordered cocktails; a daiquiri for me, a margarita for The Dog. The daiquiri was made with fresh strawberries and garnished with one, too. The margarita had the right amount of everything and was tasty.

Overall, Maxi's was good and had a terrific view, but the prices were a bit high for the area. There are several other smaller sodas/restaurants around Manzanillo which might be a fine option also.