DRINKS: Canned Rum & Cokes

On Tuesday, we went to the liquoria (I'm so certain that isn't how you spell it, but it's where you can buy whiskey & beer to go). It was right on the beach and the old cat working in the place laughed when I made a vague attempt to speak Spanish. "You don't need any Spanish down here. It's the OTHER coast where they don't speak English." Regardless, the sign in his store was written in Spanish and said something along the lines of Please don't smoke any marijuana in the store.

Anyway, we picked a selection of various beers and then found cans of Rum & Cola. There were two varieties so we purchased both.

Cuba Libre Formula Original Ron & Cola
355ml (12 oz can), 850CRC, 8% Alcohol

Decent and it tasted just like a bar-mixed Rum & Coke, probably due to it having "jarabe de maiz de alta fructosa" - yup, even though I don't speak much for Spanish, that reads like high-fructose corn syrup to me. This drink was made in Mexico, according to the can.

Bamboo Rum & Cola
350ml (12oz size can), 750CRC, 7.5% Alcohol

Slightly better flavor and mouthfeel than the Cuba Libre above, probably due to the fact that it did NOT have
"jarabe de maiz de alta fructosa" involved in it. The can's decoration/design was much more psychedelic than the Cuba Libre can. It had varying shades of red circles on the can and looked much hipper than the Cuba Libre can. Bamboo was made in Costa Rica. You can try some for yourself by clicking here.

Would we buy either again? Yes!


  1. I loved Bamboo while milling around Costa Rica on vacation with friends! The link you provided no longer works, do you have any idea where a US citizen can order some to be delivered to The States?

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