Toting the gear in TJ

Overall, I find Tijuana to be a safe place to travel and venture but like anywhere, don't be foolish and flashy.

I have never had an issue with items being taken from my hotel room but it is always sensible to take precautions.  Many rooms do not have in-room safes (and I don't really trust them anyway).  Get a PacSafe TravelSafe for yourself.  You can secure it under the sink on the pipes.

Lily y la policia
The policia pulled me over one night to check out my old car.
The Woolrich vest I regularly wear is out of production, sadly.  I found one on ebay when my old one finally had shredded.  But I like wearing a fly fishing vest because of all the pockets.  I make prints of each photo I shoot and when I see the person, I give them a copy of their photo.  In a few cases, I've carried photos for more than a year before seeing the person again!  Monica, one of the meseras at El Corral, was one of these folks.  In fact, when I saw her again, more than a year had passed and she was working in a different bar.  She was stunned and happy when I handed her a small stack of pics I had shot of her the year prior.

I keep a permanent hotel room in Tijuana, meaning I rent by the month there, so I don't have a lot to carry back and forth when I stay in TJ but I do have to carry my camera gear and some clean underwear.  I'd been using a variety of camera bags, including the Lowepro Reporter, but last year, I settled on using a camera "wrap" and simply put it in to my tote along with any other items I might need to replenish in my room.